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Get the best LTL freight shipping rates. With Koho, top carriers compete for your business. Once you’ve chosen the best offer, you can streamline every step of the LTL shipping process with our collaborative online platform accessible from anywhere at any time.

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A shipping platform that puts you in control

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Find the best rates

Instantly find the rate and service that works best for your shipment.

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Rebook in minutes

Save time by storing addresses and product details for next time.

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Manage with confidence

Stay informed and keep colleagues and customers up to date.

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Receive shipment details

Receive and share shipping details via email within seconds.

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Track updates

Know when your shipments are picked up and delivered, plus other key events along the way.

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Insure your cargo

Protect the full commercial value of your shipment.

Digital logistics you can trust

Leave the phone calls & emails behind. Koho is digitally integrated with our carriers' tracking systems so you know where your freight is at all times.
Direct carrier integration. Koho allows you to quote, book, track and manage your shipments online without picking up the phone or sending an email. Should any questions arise, our in-app messaging system gives you the ability to message the pros directly from a shipment in our platform.
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Freight class look up by commodities

Providing the correct freight class number is imperative to receiving an accurate freight shipping quote. Your freight class number is determined by dimension, density, stowability and handling. We’ve outlined some of the most common commodities to ship and their associated freight class numbers to easily look up the NMFC® code you need. 

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Popular NMFC® codes

Because LTL carriers carry a wide variety of freight from different shippers in their trucks, they use a system called National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC®) codes to correctly identify and charge for different commodities. When you book your shipment, providing the correct NMFC® code is essential in getting an accurate quote from your shipper and avoiding unexpected fees. Use our NMFC® code lookup tool to find the correct code for your freight.


Whose fault is it anyway: Two small shipments or one big one?

An LTL shipper books two 5-pallet shipments on the same day with the same carrier going to the same destination. However, the carrier sees this as a single 10-pallet shipment and hits the shipper with a big fee. Whose fault is it anyway?

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