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No setup or annual fees with quick credit approval.

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Expand your purchasing power with 30-day interest free.

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Flexible credit lines

Dedicated credit line to meet your needs with flexible net terms.


Are you eligible?


Are you a registered business entity?


Has your business been operating longer than two years (24 months)?


Are you the owner or authorized signatory of the business?

Credit Account FAQs

Who can apply for credit?

Eligibility requirements: Must be a legal, registered entity that has established financing or trade credit account(s) showing a positive credit history. The business has been operating longer than two years (24 months). The owner or authorized signatory of the business needs to be the one who completes the application. 

What information do I need to provide to apply?

You'll need to provide the following information below to apply for credit:

Business Name (make sure it's the legal name and not DBA)
Business Industry (Education, Legal, Retail, etc.)
Business Type (Corporation, Federal, LLC, Partnership, etc.)
Business Ownership Category (Public, Private, or Government Owned)
Company Tax ID (EIN) + Year Established (Business Start Date) + Number of Employees
Business Address
Business Contact + Website
Annual Revenue + Requested Line of Credit (amount of credit you want)
Information About You (the owner or authorized personnel)
Billing Contact (someone responsible for accounts payable)
Agree to Terms and Conditions
How do I apply for credit?

You can apply for credit under the Profile section of your Koho account. The approval process can vary from instant to a 24 hour window. After submitting the application, you will receive an email with your application status. If approved, you will receive a follow-up email prompting you to confirm the set-up of your credit terms.

Will applying for credit affect my personal score?

No, applying for credit with Koho will not affect your personal credit score. 

Are there any fees associated with a credit account?

There are no fees for your Credit Account. Your business will not incur any interest or late fees if your invoices are paid by the invoice due date.