The benefits of getting online freight quotes for your LTL shipment

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Freight Brokers are Outdated 

Before online services became the norm in the LTL freight logistics world, shippers relied on freight brokers to get quotes and book shipments. Freight brokers are companies or individuals that act as a liaison between shippers and carriers to determine the shipper’s needs and provide the right quote from the right carrier to fulfill those needs. Brokers must maintain extensive knowledge of the freight industry, develop strong relationships with a variety of carriers, and communicate clearly with shippers to understand what they require and match them with the best deal for their freight transportation.

These days, with the advent of digital shipping platforms and third-party logistics providers that operate online, freight brokers and the costly fees associated with them are slowly being phased out of the freight industry. Today we are going at some of the ways in which 3PLs with online platforms are better for shippers than traditional freight brokers and why you should consider switching to one to improve your business’s freight shipping performance.


The Advantages of an Online Platform

Saving Time

One of the most significant advantages of using a 3PL with an online shipping platform is speed. Using a freight broker, shippers had to rely on phone and email correspondence to obtain a quote, which usually required back-and-forth communication to nail down the exact needs of the shipper and what deals are being offered by carriers based on those needs. For complicated freight shipments, the process could take hours or days to get a quote confirmed.

With an online platform like Koho’s, shippers no longer need to waste time calling or emailing brokers, drivers, carriers, and suppliers. With Koho, simply fill out the shipment details and requirements on the online platform and let its innovative technology do the rest. Koho’s instant quote feature will comb through their network of digitally integrated carriers to find the best LTL freight quote for your shipment in seconds. In addition, shipping addresses and product details can be stored online to make rebooking in the future a breeze.

Saving Money

Online shipping platforms can also save shippers money. Not only do online 3PLs eliminate the costly fees associated with hiring a freight broker to find you shipping quotes, but they also search through many more carriers, lanes, and modes of shipping to find you the right deal for your shipment. Koho’s online platform gives shippers a choice of carrier, speed, price, and guaranteed delivery, enabling shippers to select the precise service to fit their budget, schedule, security, and particular transportation needs.

More Shipping Options

Online freight platforms utilize smart technologies to sift through numerous freight quotes that fit a shipper’s specifications. 3PLs like Koho can instantly access hundreds of carrier quotes for a particular shipment and allow shippers to compare rates and deals to find the right one. The more options available, the better chance for a shipper to take advantage of deals, customize quotes based on their budget, and calculate total costs with all the relevant information and additional fees included upfront. 

Increased Communication

With Koho’s online messaging feature, shippers and their teams can stay on the same page with increased visibility regarding a shipment’s details and status. Rather than relying on phone and email communication confined to regular business hours, online platforms provide 24/7 access to shipment status, tracking, and documents so you can make sure you know what is going on with your LTL freight. 

Koho’s online platform messaging feature also allows shippers to avoid waiting on hold and to contact the shipping professionals at Koho directly to get help, advice, or information about shipments. 

Automatic Paperwork

Another advantage to online shipping quotes is the instant generation of shipping documents. Instead of filling out paperwork by hand, shipping documents are automatically generated when you get an instant quote, saving shippers time and avoiding human errors that can cost time and money. Your bill of lading (BOL), proof of delivery (POD), and shipping invoice history are all available in one place on the online platform, allowing you and your team to access any necessary information at the click of a button.

Whether you are a first-time LTL shipper or looking to optimize your shipping performance, consider switching from slow and costly freight brokers to a 3PL with a modern online shipping platform like Koho that can help your business increase your shipping visibility and efficiency while saving you time and money.

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