Limited access locations In LTL shipping

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Limited Access Locations in LTL Shipping

LTL shipping is a complicated business. Without the proper expertise, shippers can be subject to a number of accessorial or additional charges added to their freight bill for a variety of reasons. To avoid some of these unforeseen costs, it is critical that shippers educate themselves about the different types of charges that can show up on a shipping invoice. Providing a carrier with accurate information regarding all aspects of your shipment is the best way to avoid delays, missed pickups, and extra charges.

One of the most common charges in LTL shipping is for a “Limited Access Location.” When getting your shipping quote from a carrier, it is essential to be explicit about your freight’s physical specifications, how it will be loaded and unloaded, and the type of location from which and to which it will be shipped. Depending on the layout and nature of the origin and destination locations, one or both may be classified as a limited access location.

Simply put, limited access locations are any non-residential location where pickup or delivery is restricted or limited in some way. If a driver must perform a pickup or delivery outside of their normal route area and cannot pull up to a loading dock that can allow them to load or unload in a standard amount of time, the location will most likely be considered limited access. This can include remote locations, businesses that are not open to the public during standard business hours, locations that have increased pedestrian traffic or lowered maneuverability, or locations that do not fit the standard business description. Examples of limited access locations would be churches, fairs or carnivals, schools, prisons, military bases, police stations, construction sites, campgrounds, zoos, hospitals, and airports, to name a few.

There are a large number of locations that can be considered limited access, and the list can vary between carriers. For this reason, it is important to communicate thoroughly with carriers when obtaining a freight quote so that you do not get hit with unexpected additional charges. For example, if you fail to select limited access service when getting your freight quote and then the driver is unable to make a pickup or delivery because of security problems, the truck being too large, a lack of specific paperwork, or other issues, you will most likely be charged for a missed pickup/delivery, and an additional charge for limited access will also be added to your bill for the rescheduled pickup/delivery.

One of the advantages of partnering with a 3PL to handle your LTL shipping is gaining access to resources that can take out some of the guesswork and help you determine what type of limited access charge may be applied to your origin or destination location. Selecting from a large list of limited access location options provided by Koho can help your business reduce unexpected charges. Giving you the information to engage with carriers and make sure all of the details surrounding your shipment are clearly communicated at the time your quote is obtained can help ensure that you only pay what you expect to pay, keeping your shipping costs as low as possible.

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