Guide to LTL freight accessorials inside delivery

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Guide to LTL Freight Accessorials: Inside Delivery

What is Inside Delivery? 

The standard procedure for pickups and deliveries in LTL shipping is curb-to-curb or dock-to-dock, meaning the shipment is to be picked up and delivered from and to residential and commercial delivery points such as driveways or loading docks. Any pickup or delivery that goes beyond these points is considered an “inside delivery.” Inside delivery is an accessorial or special service that many carriers offer for an additional fee. If the location where your freight will be picked up or delivered does not have a loading dock, commercial entrance, or curbside drop-off, or if an item is bulky or heavy and you don’t want to move it inside yourself, you may consider asking your carrier about inside delivery. Before deciding if this service fits your needs, let’s take a look at what is covered by this service when shipping to residences and businesses.


Commercial Inside Delivery

For standard commercial shipping deliveries, shipments are typically left a few feet from a commercial entrance or unloaded onto a dock. If shippers have requested inside delivery, it generally means the delivery will be left inside the main entrance of the building or brought inside through another commercial entryway. However, inside delivery only covers deliveries and pickups made just inside the door of a commercial business and does not cover carrying the shipment onto an elevator or up a long, winding driveway. If a shipment requires additional transport inside a commercial space, the special delivery charge will increase, or an additional fee may be added to the bill. Inside delivery also does not mean the carrier will break down any shipment to move it through doors or perform “extraordinary” functions such as carrying the freight up or down stairs, narrow hallways, or attempting to deliver in areas that are unsafe for their normal equipment. This is to prevent any chance of damage occurring to the doorways and halls of a business or any injury befalling the driver in the event of an accident, protecting both the business and the carrier.


Residential Inside Delivery

When it comes to residential shipping, standard pickups and deliveries typically occur at the end of a driveway or by the curb at the edge of a residence. Residential inside delivery involves delivering a shipment up a driveway or to a porch or garage. It is important to remember that most carriers will not pick up or deliver inside a residence at all. In the case of residential shipments, “inside delivery” really means a convenient outdoor location on the property that will make it easier for the consignee to handle or accept the goods. This is to prevent any damage or accidents that could occur inside the residence, including tracking in mud, damaging walls or doorways, or the driver suffering an injury, which protects both the homeowner and the carrier from liability.

Understanding what inside delivery is and what it entails is the best way to decide whether to request and pay for this special service for your shipment. For more information on inside delivery or other accessorial services such as “final mile service,” “liftgate service,” or “white glove delivery service,” contact the LTL shipping experts at Koho and ask about the options available for your pickup or delivery.

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