Time saving tips to streamline your LTL shipments

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LTL Time Saving Tips from Koho

The freight market is facing tough times. Labor shortages, increased demand, higher rates, and tighter capacities have made less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping more complicated and challenging. For shippers, this means logistics decisions are more critical than ever, and finding opportunities to save money and time while keeping supply chains running smoothly is a necessity. These are a few tips from Koho that can help logistics managers optimize their LTL freight and save themselves precious time and resources in the process.


Get Creative with Freight Modes

The mode of freight transportation is usually decided by the size and weight of a shipment. LTL covers shipments that are too large for parcel service but not large enough for a full truckload (FTL). However, with capacity limits and backlogs prevalent across the shipping industry, shippers need to be creative about how they move their goods.

For those shippers that may be used to shipping small through parcel services, LTL can be a great way to avoid higher rates on individual packages. By combining freight heading to the same location into larger loads, shippers can take advantage of LTL savings and negotiated rates by reducing the cost of parcel services eating into their budgets. Likewise, LTL shippers can often save money by consolidating shipments into a full truckload to secure limited capacities more easily with a direct FTL shipment.

On the other hand, shippers looking to operate with less inventory and make their supply chain more robust may consider breaking up FTL shipments into smaller, more frequent LTL loads. This can save money on warehousing and help circumvent any delays by breaking up shipments into easier-to-manage increments.


Be Organized

One of the most important ways shippers can save themselves time is by being prepared. Staying on top of delivery schedules to ensure your warehouse teams are ready for pickups and deliveries and organizing shipments before the LTL driver arrives can speed up the loading and unloading process, preventing unnecessary delays. 

In addition, making sure your paperwork is filled out correctly and completely, affixed to the shipment, and ready to be presented to the driver can help avoid potential miscommunications and delays. Measure, weigh, and describe your shipment accurately. If your location requires an accessorial, be sure to indicate it when obtaining your quote and double-check the information is on your bill of lading to avoid a missed pickup and additional carrier charges. 


Use Technology

Technology is by far the most effective way to save yourself time while shipping LTL freight. Human errors, lost paperwork, and inaccurate measurements result in countless delays and additional charges for shippers using LTL.

Depending on your business’s size and shipping budget, investing in technological tools to help automate some of the shipping processes can save you hours of labor and potential headaches. Online booking platforms and transportation management systems (TMS) can help businesses plan, execute, and optimize freight shipping by providing visibility into day-to-day operations, automated documentation and paperwork, and digitally integrated tracking and communication. These systems streamline the shipping process and make it easier for businesses to manage their transportation operations.

Shippers can invest in warehouse tools that can speed up the shipping process. Forklift scales, freight class calculators, and dimensionalizers help shippers measure, weigh, and classify freight in minutes, saving the time and effort it takes to record accurate dimensions and reducing the chance of receiving a rebill for reweighs or reclasses once the shipment reaches the carrier terminal.


Work with a 3PL

Working with a 3PL like Koho puts technology and expertise at your fingertips. Koho’s online platform allows you to book, track, and communicate with your carrier, all in one intuitive and easy-to-use format. Booking through Koho gives shippers access to their vast network of trusted carriers, so you are guaranteed to get the best rate for your shipment. Whether you are a first-time shipper or looking to streamline your operation, Koho’s team of LTL freight experts can help you navigate every step of the often-complicated process from quote to delivery.

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