Why managing freight through email is outdated

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Why Managing Freight Through Email Is Outdated 

Modern logistics requires rapid communication in order to survive. From the first quote to the final delivery, shipping revolves around scheduling, speed, and efficiency. Email is a valuable tool, but it can fall short when it comes to quickly exchanging the time-sensitive information necessary to succeed in the fast-paced and competitive world of freight shipping.


High Volume 

Emails can accumulate quickly, and when inboxes get packed with messages, things can get lost in the shuffle. An email that goes unanswered for even a few hours with critical information regarding rescheduling, cancellations, or adjustments can mean missed pickups, delays, or miscommunications that cost shippers and carriers time and money. The higher the email volume, the more important messages fail to be prioritized or become lost or buried.


Lack of Transparency and Accuracy 

Another disadvantage to email communication is a lack of transparency for all parties involved. Emails may need to be manually sorted and forwarded to the correct department, or relevant parties may be left out of the loop. The time spent sending, sorting, and routing emails between shippers and carriers is a resource that could be put to better use on actual shipping operations. Emails can also lack context, and unless they are part of a thread that all necessary parties can access, some information can slip through the cracks, and miscommunications and inaccuracies can occur.


Communications Solutions: The Koho Platform

Though email can be ineffective and outdated for modern shipping solutions, fear not, better options are available to communicate in today’s challenging shipping environment. Koho’s LTL shipping platform allows you to obtain an instant freight quote, book a shipment, and track your freight, all in one place. You can shop and compare carriers and service options that will best serve your shipping needs and budget, book a shipment through Koho’s digitally integrated LTL carrier network, and maintain visibility throughout the process by tracking your shipment directly on the platform to stay up to date on any delays or issues that may arise. 

Koho’s messaging feature puts everyone on the same page, sharing visibility between Koho’s shipping experts, your team members, and the carrier moving your cargo. You can access any necessary documents regarding your LTL freight, such as a bill of lading, proof of delivery, or a complete invoice history of past shipments. The messaging feature also gives you a direct line to Koho’s shipping experts, who can address any questions or concerns you may have about your shipment throughout the process.

Using email with 24-48 hour response times is no longer an effective way to stay on top of modern LTL freight shipping. The lack of visibility, accountability, accuracy, and speed costs both shippers and carriers valuable time and money. For an accurate real-time communication tool that stores all of your freight’s information in one place, consider using Koho’s digital platform and messaging feature for your next LTL shipment, and rest easy knowing everything you need to know is available just a click away.

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