Market Update for Buffalo, NY

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This past year, the freight industry has experienced unprecedented market conditions and seen a number of challenges arise, from COVID-related delays to capacity constraints. In order to better understand these new challenges, we are going to take a closer look at what is happening on the ground in select markets. Our area of focus today will be the Western New York market, and we will be examining some of the factors that have shaped the state of LTL shipping over the last year.

Labor shortages across the shipping industry have been a significant obstacle in the LTL market of Western New York, as they have been throughout the country. Reduced labor availability has affected the industry from top to bottom, from the logistics side to customer support, all the way down to a lack of warehouse workers to ensure trucks are being loaded on time.

Capacity restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have caused supply chain disruptions for shippers in Western New York and nationwide. As demand continues to increase even as capacity shrinks across the industry, logistics providers are increasingly relying on local carriers to pick up the slack. Yet despite local pickup and delivery providers continuously adding to their fleets in order to meet demand, one of the biggest obstacles impacting capacity is the scarcity of equipment, particularly trailers.

According to Megan Datoo, Expeditors Transcon manager in Buffalo, New York, there are a number of things shippers can do to mitigate the delays and disruptions being caused by capacity restrictions. Providing as much lead time as possible when it comes to routing freight can help ease the pressure of heightened time constraints and allow for supply chain experts to ensure freight is being routed with precision and that documentation is meeting the requirements of shippers and carriers to avoid miscommunications or mistakes. As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in Western New York and across the country and drivers are able to enter loading docks and freight can be inspected upon delivery, speed and efficiency will increase correspondingly and the market will open up again.


Although the state of COVID-19 restrictions is difficult to predict, the hope is that the industry sees stabilization and continuous improvement, which will allow a return to standard capacities and operations. However, preparing for the worst-case scenario by adjusting lead times when booking LTL services and planning for possible future delays and restrictions is vital to minimize potential supply chain disruptions. If you ship LTL freight and have any market-specific questions or would like to get a quote for your shipment, visit, our LTL shipping experts are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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