Transparency, efficiency, and empowerment: why we built Koho

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Why We Built Koho 

When Koho’s founder, Max Lock, started a small business shortly after high school manufacturing and selling paper cups, he found himself in a world of logistics and shipping that was maddeningly analog and difficult to navigate. Through his experience working on the logistics side of his business, he realized there were a lot of opportunities to improve the efficiency and customer experience in the shipping industry. Inspired by this realization and the desire to make things easier for other small and mid-sized businesses looking for better logistics solutions, Max started Koho with the aim of solving some of the problems he saw.


The State of LTL Shipping

The freight shipping industry is one of the oldest and largest industries in the world, driving trade and playing a massive role in the globalization of production and commerce. However, in recent years, it has been slow to keep up with the technologies and systems that could provide a better experience for shippers. As consumer expectations have grown and been met by other industries, freight carriers are falling further behind the efficiency, convenience, and customer service standards that consumers have come to expect in other marketplaces. And while it may be understandable that the record volumes being experienced in the LTL industry right now have many carriers struggling just to keep up with the demands for increased capacity and shorter delivery times, there is certainly still room for improvement – and that’s why we built Koho.


The LTL Shipping Ideal

In a perfect world, the shipping industry would operate as smoothly and efficiently as modern tools allow. Carriers would integrate the technology available to provide a customer experience that placed power in the hands of shippers, provided all necessary information at the click of a button, and offered personalized customer service that was intuitive and immediate. An ideal shipping experience would allow shippers to book, track, change, and cancel shipments online without the need for lengthy phone hold times or slow-to-respond email messages. All shippers would have access to an online platform that recognized, organized, and tracked their shipments and customer service requests and provided a simple way for shippers and carriers to utilize this information to identify and solve problems faster.

Koho was built with the aim of helping usher in this new way of approaching LTL shipping. Now, more than ever, the shipping industry needs better methods to improve the efficiency and speed of the customer experience. With the industry still recovering from the increased demand, labor shortages, and capacity restrictions that stemmed from the pandemic, providing a faster and more effective platform and process to book and complete LTL shipments is crucial to smoothing out supply chain disruptions and instilling order in a chaotic market.


Koho’s Technological Edge

The goal for optimizing the customer experience in just about any industry should be centered on a shift toward automation and self-service. We recognize that this is particularly important to transportation and freight, where communication, visibility, and flexibility are paramount – enter Koho’s online shipping platform. Our cloud-based platform and its intuitive dashboard place every aspect of your shipment, from quote to delivery, at your fingertips. 

Using Koho’s online booking feature, you can book LTL shipments by filling out all the information in one place and gaining instant access to various quotes from Koho’s digitally integrated LTL carrier network. With a variety of options regarding carrier, speed, and price competing for your business, you are guaranteed to get the best rate for your shipment. The platform will even save product and address information to make rebooking even faster. If you aren’t sure about your item’s freight class, Koho’s freight class assistant will verify the information to avoid unnecessary carrier rebills.

Koho’s online dashboard allows you to access, share, and print your bill of lading, proof of delivery, and other shipping documents as soon as your shipment is booked. Its tracking feature lets you track your shipment via digitally integrated carrier tracking systems from the moment it leaves the dock until it arrives at its destination. You can also have updates sent to your email, so you always know when your cargo is on the move. If something unexpected happens, Koho informs you immediately of the incident or delay and provides proactive options and solutions to help minimize the disruption to your supply chain.

At Koho, we recognize that transparency and communication are crucial to supply chain efficiency. Our messaging feature provides you and your team with shared visibility into the status of your shipment. You can track your cargo, access your documents, and ask questions about your shipment directly on the Koho platform. There is no need to wait on hold or send emails hoping for a 1-2 day response time. With Koho, you have direct access to our team of LTL freight experts through the messaging feature anytime you need them.


Educating and Empowering Shippers

Koho is uniquely positioned to help push the modernization and technological advancement the shipping industry needs. While there are similar online shipping platforms out there, Koho works to move the industry forward by educating new shippers, empowering industry veterans, and engaging logistics professionals on a better way to ship. We believe, as Max did when he started Koho, that offering the most effective technology, personalized service, open transparency, and genuine advocacy is the best way to empower our customers and achieve success in the LTL freight business. To learn more about LTL shipping and how to book a shipment through our online platform with one of our trusted carrier partners, contact Koho today.

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