Carrier Service Levels

Understand the different levels of service from Koho's partnered carriers

Understanding Non-Standard Rates

Service descriptions are provided and defined by each carrier. Non-standard service levels such as those labeled "Guaranteed" or "Expedited" are generally given a higher priority by the carrier but these services have many limitations and exclusions. For example, time-specific service levels such as "Guaranteed Noon" are a reference to the time of delivery. There are no services for expedited pickup. In all cases, the recourse for unmet services are at the carrier's discretion and any refunds will be partial and limited to the amount paid above the standard service.

Below are some information on the different guaranteed or special service levels and its restrictions defined by our partnered carriers. For further information, please check directly with the carrier.

AAA Cooper Transportation Services

AAA Cooper Transportation offers a wide variety of services including guaranteed, however, restrictions apply. Below are some exclusions, view their complete terms on AGD Service here.

AGD (Action Guaranteed Day) applies only during "Business Days", excluding "Holidays". Defined as:
a) BUSINESS DAY: Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays.
b) HOLIDAYS: New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Good Friday, Memorial Day,Independence Day, Labor Day, Mardi Gras (at NEW, BAT, LAF and MOB service centers), Martin Luther King Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or any other day generally observed as a holiday by the carrier at the point where the service is performed. When the holiday falls on Sunday, the following Monday will be observed as a holiday. When the holiday falls on Saturday, the prior Friday will be considered as a holiday.

AGD is NOT available for shipments that include:
a) Shipments of Perishable Goods or shipments requiring Temperature Control service.
b) Shipments to: Construction Sites; Convention or Exhibition Centers and their associated locations; Fairs; Traveling Shows; Private Residence; Self-Storage Warehouses; Food or Grocery Warehouses, Schools, Churches, or any consignee that requires safety or security inspections.
c) Shipments of Prohibited or Restricted Articles as named in Item 780 of this tariff.
d) Shipments that are Over-length (more than 12 feet long).
e) Shipments requiring Liftgate Delivery.
f) Shipments of excessive loose pieces (average less than 25 lbs. each).
g) Shipments that present load ability or storability problems.
h) Shipment with Hazardous Materials requiring segregation.
i) Shipments to points not served direct by CARRIER, including points served by interline partner, unless specifically noted.
j) Shipments requiring notification prior to delivery.
k) Shipments with weights of 10,000 pounds or greater.

ACI Motor Freight Services

ACI Motor Freight services include: Overnight, expedited or hot shot services.

Overnight LTL services to KS, OK, TX, MO

Expedited Services
Expedited, Same Day, Volume Services

A. Duie Pyle Services

A.Duie Pyle offers what they call Pyle Priority and GEX (Guarantee Express).

Pyle Priority
Services include: Guaranteed before 10AM, Guaranteed before Noon, Guaranteed Day (by 5PM) with different restrictions for each service.

Guaranteed Express
Services include: Same Day Service, Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. Please note service and charges are negotiated at the time of the of the service request. For further information, visit

Averitt Express Services

Averitt has several expedited options including next-day and two-day delivery depending on the service areas. View their Transit Time Calculator to check delivery time standards.

Day Definite

Delivery by 5 p.m. within published standard transit days.

Time Definite
Delivery at a specific time of the day according to customer requirements.

Clear Lane Freight Systems Services

Clear Lane Freight Systems focuses on economy long-haul LTL service for shippers that do not require faster transit.

Cross Country Freight Solutions (CCFS) Services

Cross Country Freight Solutions (CCFS) has many transit time options but not all locations are serviced daily. Use their Transit Time Tool to get point to point estimates.

Dayton Freight Lines Services

Dayton Freight Lines has several time-sensitive options: DFXpedited and Guaranteed.

Around-the-clock services: 24/7 service – call anytime (with any shipment, any weight, any dimension), serving all of North America.

AM Guaranteed
Arrives before noon. Standard transit times apply. 35% of freight bill, $90 minimum.

PM Guaranteed
Arrives before 5 PM. Standard transit times apply. 20% of freight bill, $50 minimum.

Dohrn Transfer Company Services

Dohrn Transfer Company offers an array of expedited options for LTL. Check out their Service Map for more information on coverage and core service areas.

Dugan Trucking Line Services

Dugan Trucking Line provides LTL overnight transportation throughout Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Central and Northwest Oklahoma. Use their Transit Time Calculator to get point-to-point estimates.

Estes Express Lines Services

Estes Express offers LTL freight shipping throughout all 50 state with time critical guarantee options.

FedEx Services

FedEx has three service level types for LTL freight shipping. Compare the service levels below and check directly on FedEx's website for further LTL freight information.

FedEx Freight® Priority
Delivery typically in 1–3 days (depending on origin and destination).

FedEx Freight® Economy
Delivery typically in 3–6 days (depending on origin and destination).

FedEx Freight Direct
Multiple convenient service options for delivery inside homes and businesses, with an option for packaging removal. Shipments can originate anywhere within the contiguous U.S. as long as the destination is in a covered area.

Forward Air Services

Forward Air offers expedited A2A (airport-to-airport) options. View their service schedules for more information.

Oak Harbor Services

Oak Harbor offers direct service in seven western states for LTL including Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Their guaranteed service delivers within their transit times with the following rules:
- Service must be requested on the original bill of lading
- Service only applies to locations serviced by Oak Harbor trucks and people, on the standard days of service
- Guaranteed Hour must be a minimum one-hour window between 9:00AM - 5:00PM on the standard service day
- Guaranteed Hour does not apply to convention or exhibition services; however, in Las Vegas, Guaranteed Standard can be applied
- Guaranteed Services do not apply on weekends, holidays, or volume loads

Peninsula Truck Lines Services

Peninsula Truck Lines has many service options including overnight delivery (to most points in Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, and Boise); and second-day delivery to most Southern Idaho cities. They have the following guaranteed services, but must be requested for availability:

Guaranteed By Noon
Peninsula will guarantee delivery of shipment by 12:00 Noon of the standard service day between the origin and destination points listed on the bill of lading.

Guaranteed By 9:00 AM
Peninsula will guarantee delivery of shipment by 9:00 AM of the standard service day between the origin and destination points listed on the bill of lading.

You can check their service areas and transit times before booking.

PITT Ohio Services

PITT Ohio has direct LTL delivery throughout a network of 25 terminals within Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions. PITT Ohio’s expedited service, Fast Track, offers multiple time-sensitive delivery options.

R+L Carriers Services

R+L Carriers has many service level options including next-day transit; however, next-day services are only available to specific areas. All guaranteed or time-sensitive services below are based on the set standard transit day between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. A freight Transit Time Tool is provided to estimate the expected service.

By 5pm
Shipment will be delivered by 5PM on the scheduled, standard delivery date.

By Noon
Shipment will be delivered by 12pm on the scheduled, standard delivery date.

Hourly Window
Shipment will be delivered within a defined hourly window.

Roadrunner Services

Roadrunner offers long-haul, regional and next-day delivery LTL service to all major metros in the United States.

Ross Express Services

Ross Express offers next-day service to New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland & Pennsylvania.

SAIA Services

SAIA's primary service coverage is regional. Service areas are concentrated in regions with established terminals and operations. SAIA has expedited LTL custom solutions.

Southeastern Freight Lines Services

Southeastern Freight Lines offers regional LTL services with several guaranteed options.

Day Guarantee
Only available for shipments in Southeastern Freight Lines’ direct service area, shipments will be delivered by 5:00pm on the scheduled service day.

Noon Guarantee
Available in most direct zip codes, Noon Guaranteed service assures delivery of your shipment by 12:00pm for standard transit on LTL shipments up to 10,000 lbs.

Time Guarantee
Specific time delivery service must be requested and is dependent on availability.

Hot Shot Guarantee
Same with Time Guarantee, Hot Shot Guaranteed service is only available through a direct request and is dependent on  availability.

Please note guaranteed service for Day Guarantee and Noon Guarantee is NOT available on shipments:
- Originating from or destined to a non-direct point
- Greater than 10,000 pounds
- With any single piece 8 feet or more in length
- Occupying 10 feet or more of trailer space
- Noted as a Late Pickup
- Requiring pickup at or delivery to an airport
- Moving In-Bond (Customs)
- Moving as a blind shipment
- Delivering to a residential address
- Requiring inside delivery
- Requiring a lift-gate or other special equipment
- Requiring a delivery appointment
- Delivering to a convention center
- Routing through a marshaling yard

Southwestern Motor Transport Services

Southwestern Motor Transport has LTL coverage in 45 states with the following expedited services:

Wing Express
Guaranteed delivery only to Texas and Oklahoma direct points.

Wing Guaranteed
Delivered within a window, this premium service is available only through a direct request.

Wing Expedited
Shipment arrives at a specific day and time with same-day and next-day service option. This service is only available by direct request.

Sutton Transport Services

Offering LTL and volume LTL, Sutton Transport offers Guaranteed Delivery Time (service within an hourly window between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on the scheduled delivery date), as well as same-day delivery.

Tax Airfreight Services

Tax Airfreight has next-day service options. Check our Tax Airfreights' Transit Time Tool to confirm service areas.

Total Transportation & Distribution Services

Total Transport provides LTL services from San Diego to Santa Barbara with guaranteed delivery options for same-day and next-day. See their Service Coverage Map for more information.

Ward Services

Serving the Mid-Atlantic region, Ward has several guaranteed services including next-day delivery. To get an accurate estimate, use their Lookup Transit Time tool.