Common Questions

It's common to have questions throughout your Less-than-truckload shipping experience. Here are some quick answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do I file a claim for lost or damaged freight?

If you experience any damaged or lost freight it's important to file a claim immediately because it can take up to 90 days to resolve a claim. When filing you have two options; first, you can file a claim directly with the carrier or you can contact the Claims Team at Expeditors

For information on claim status customers should contact for updates. The specialist for Uninsured claims is Michelle Vann ( and the specialist for Insured Claims is Kramer Dainels (

Since Koho is backed by Expeditors, if you choose to purchase insurance, your freight will be insured up to 110% of its value.

How do I reduce my chances of having damaged or lost freight?

LTL shipping can be unpredictable at times but doing the following will help minimize many risk factors:
1. Palletize and properly package, seal and label your freight.
2. Make sure your freight does not overhang past the dimensions of the pallet
3. For any freight not on a pallet, wrap and seal together
4. Use Dunnage-durable padding material used to protect goods during shipping (i.e solid plastics, bubble wrap, wood, air pillows, craft paper, foam, steel, corrugated paper, edge protectors)
5. Make extra copies of your Bill of Lading and tap in onto the actual fright where it is visible
6. Buy insurance if your freight is highly valuable or highly fragile
7. Tell your consignee to reject any damaged freight and take photos of said damage before the driver leaves

What should I do if my shipment didn’t get picked up?
If, for some reason, your freight did not get picked up at its scheduled day and time then you should do the following:
1. Check the carrier’s website to see if there are any updates regarding service delays or interruptions.
2. Koho does not have live tracking so you will need to notify us if the shipment does not get picked up. We will contact the carrier with your pick-up number to determine the best next steps. If we don’t see tracking information for your shipment we will automatically schedule it for the following day.
How do I get my Bill of Lading?
Once your shipment has dispatched, your Bill of Lading will become available if Koho has been able to do the follow:
1. Complete a background and credit check prior to your first shipment
2. Verify that a payment method or credit account has been added
3. Verify that the commodity being shipped does not violate the Koho Terms of Service. After these steps, the BOL can be found in the Individual Shipment tab under documents. It will be listed as “Shipment Summary.” You can request a copy of your BOL to be sent to your shipper since they will not have access to the Koho platform without your company login. To do this you will have to check the box under the special instructions titled, “Send a copy of the shipping order to the origin contact.”
How long does it take to dispatch my booking?
Most bookings are dispatched within 15 mins during regular business hours. However, if you are new to the Koho platform there is a vetting process prior to your first shipment that can take up to an hour.
How do I dispute an Adbill?
Once Koho receives an invoice from a carrier we will review for accuracy. In the instance of an ad-bill, you will receive a notification message from our Operations Team who will provide you with instructions on how to dispute the charges. You will need to reply to their message confirming that you would like to dispute said charges and provide the necessary documentation requested by the Operations Team.
How do I apply for credit?
You can apply for credit under the Profile section of your Koho account. The approval process can vary from instant to a 24 hour window. After submitting the application, you will receive an email with your application status. If approved, you will receive a follow-up email prompting you to confirm the set-up of your credit terms.
How do I find my Freight Class?
For help determining your Freight Class, you can use Koho’s built-in Density Calculator to help you understand your classification. If you have questions, the Koho Operations Team can provide guidance on determining your Freight Class.
How do I get an ETA for pickup or delivery?
To determine your estimated time of arrival for either pick-up or delivery it's best to contact the Koho Operations Team so they can connect with the carrier’s dispatch team. Koho can help you stay up-to-date with major updates and alerts but is not able to provide live updates while the truck is in transit.
Where can I find the PRO number for my shipment?
To find your PRO number, look under the Shipment view while you are logged into the Koho platform.
How do I cancel a shipment?
To cancel a shipment simply log into your Koho account and use the Message function to let our team know that you would like to cancel. You will receive an email notification confirming your cancelation. If you paid up front, you will receive a full refund.
How do I edit a shipment?
To edit any details about your shipment you can log into your Koho account and message our Operations Team who will update the information. It’s important to note that any changes regarding zip code, weight, dimension or class will require you to rebook the shipment for the most accurate quote.
When and where can I find my Proof-of-Delivery?
Typically, POD’s are available within one week after a shipment is delivered. To find this document, log into your Koho account and go to the Document section of your shipment.
What’s the latest I can book for same-day pickup?
We recommend you book your freight for same day pickup as early as possible, but the latest a carrier will accept a dispatch for same day pickup is 1pm local time. Sometimes carriers can accommodate pickups on shorter notice but it's less likely the longer you wait, that’s why we recommend 1pm local time.
Does Koho ship cross-border shipments?
No. Currently, we are only servicing domestic freight.
Does Koho ship hazardous freight?
No, not at this time.
How do I purchase insurance?
After selecting your carrier and rate, you will be given the opportunity to purchase insurance. Since Koho is backed by Expeditors, your freight will cover up to 110% of its value.

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