LTL Prohibited Items

a.   temperature controlled shipments;
b.   in-bond cargo;
c.   food or perishable goods;
d.   shipments brokered to another motor carrier;
e.   international shipments (e.g., those having an origin or destination outside of the Continental United States);
f.    household goods;
g.   hazardous materials, hazardous waste, dangerous or inflammable goods, chemicals of any kind;
h.   oversize or overweight loads requiring special highway permits and/or escorts;
i.    shipments with value greater than $100,000;
j.    illegal goods including marijuana and marijuana related paraphernalia;
k.   firearms, explosives, ammunition;
l.    animals, livestock, pets;
m.  boats, cars, motorcycles, mobile homes, and other motorized vehicles;
n.   tobacco, prescription drugs, alcohol;
o.   garbage, refuse, trash;
p.   money, bullion, precious gems and the like;
q.   antiques, paintings, or other works of art;
r.    server racks.