Freight Class

When requesting rates and booking less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping services, the shipper is responsible for providing the carrier with the correct freight class for their cargo. Providing the correct freight class to the carrier ensures you receive an accurate quote for the goods you are shipping, while providing an incorrect freight class can result in significant and unexpected charges from the carrier due to the time money and resources needed to reclassify the shipment. In addition, if your shipment is damaged or lost in transit, an incorrect freight class can affect the compensation owed to you by the carrier.

Understand Freight Class by the number

Common commodities & class breakdowns

Providing the correct freight class number is imperative to receiving an accurate freight shipping quote. Your freight class number is determined by dimension, density, stowability and handling. We’ve outlined some of the most common commodities to ship and their associated freight class numbers to easily look up the NMFC code you need. 

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