What is Freight Class 60?

Freight class 60 is one of the numbers on the chart between 50 and 500 that is determined by the NMFC®. All LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments are required to have a freight class number and it’s important to identify the correct class number to avoid expensive delays, reclassification fees, and a more accurate quote. Shipments that could qualify for class 60 freight should have a density and weight range of 30 to 35 pounds per cubic foot. Common commodities and materials for freight class 60 include: lighting, cardboard boxes, and ceramic tiles.

What determines Freight Class?

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Density is identified through your shipment’s weight and dimensions. The density of a class 60 freight shipment will be between 30 and 35 pounds.

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Handling is determined by how challenging it is to transfer a shipment to and from LTL terminals. Class 60 freight should have relatively easy handling.

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The fragility and worth of your shipment will determine the liability. Shipments in freight class 60, should be fairly durable items that aren’t overly valuable.

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How well your freight class 60 shipment can be packed with other freight is what is called stowability. If it requires special handling, it could affect the freight class code.

Look Up Commodities for Freight Class

There is a wide variety of commodities that’s classified under this freight class number. We’ve outlined some of the most common commodities we ship, their associated freight class numbers and NMFC® code to help you get the most accurate freight quote for your shipment.


What does class 60 mean when shipping freight?
It means that a shipment’s liability, density (30 to 35 pounds per cubic foot), stowability, and handling qualify as freight class 60 on the NMFC® classification chart.
What commodities are class 60 freight?
The common commodities for class freight 60 are often car parts and accessories, bottled water, stone blocks, glue, used tires, and glass.
Is freight class 60 the same as the NMFC® code?
No, the NMFC® codes refer to the specific material of each freight class.

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