What is Freight Class 85?

Freight class 85 is a classification created by the NMFC®. Determining the correct freight class number on your shipment is important because it protects you from pricey delays, fees for reclassification, and provides a more accurate quote. The weight range and density limitations for a shipment to qualify as class 85 freight is 12 to 13.5 pounds per cubic foot. Common items that fall under this classification include: crated machinery, cast iron stoves, and transmissions.

What determines Freight Class?

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A shipment’s density is determined by your item’s dimensions and weight. Freight class 85 shipments will have a density that is between 12 to 13.5 pounds.

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The level of difficulty in transferring class 85 freight shipments to and from LTL terminals is what is called the handling.

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Liability is defined by the value of the commodity and it’s likelihood to be damaged or stolen. Highly valued materials could increase a shipment’s class out of freight class 85.

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How efficiently your class 85 freight can be packed with other shipments is what is called stowability. The freight class code could be affected by any shipments that require special handling.

Look Up Commodities for Freight Class

There is a wide variety of commodities that’s classified under this freight class number. We’ve outlined some of the most common commodities we ship, their associated freight class numbers and NMFC® code to help you get the most accurate freight quote for your shipment.


What is the difference between freight class 85 and freight class 100?
Each class is always determined by a shipment’s density, stowability, liability, and handling. The key difference between class 85 and class 100 is the item's potential for damage. If the potential for damage is higher, then the class will be higher.
What are examples of class 85 freight?
Examples of class 85 freight usually include: crated machinery, clutches, cast iron stoves, motorcycle engines, and transmissions.
Are all transmissions freight class 85?
Yes, because the NMFC® code for a transmission is 19940 which makes it a fixed-class 85 item regardless of density and stowability.

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