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Freight Lanes

Shipping between major markets is a great way to get the best price on your shipping needs. Most major U.S cities have large shipping markets that utilize multiple modes of transportation depending on the cargo’s origin and destination. Each of these cities can be connected in different ways, depending on the infrastructure and capacity of their respective regions. The lanes between these markets can include air, sea, rail, road, or some combination of each. Many of these important lanes follow traditional shipping routes that were established long ago and have contributed significantly toward making what began as small settlements into the major metropolitan areas they are today. Depending on which cities you want to ship to or from, taking advantage of well-worn shipping routes can provide the maximum flexibility and cost-effective pricing for your cargo.

For intermodal shipments, major shipping lanes can provide thoroughfares through which to ship LTL cargo that will eventually transfer shipping modes and be delivered to smaller markets beyond the larger hubs. Because some carriers serve national and international markets, while others focus on more regional sectors, it is important to distinguish which carriers can most effectively move your cargo through the necessary shipping modes with the least accessorial surcharges surrounding transfers or subcontracted legs of the trip. It is important to take into account factors such as distance, weight, freight classification, minimum charges, and base rates charged by various carriers to ensure you are getting the best price available for your LTL shipping needs.

Koho carefully assesses each of these factors in order to determine the most efficient and cost effective carrier, route, and mode of shipping that corresponds with your cargo. Some examples of major shipping lanes between large trade markets in the United States can be found below, with information regarding the market capacity, modes of shipping, and the average LTL rate per pound.






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