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Shipping between Chicago and Atlanta is a relatively simple prospect and can be accomplished in a number of ways. Each city has a large network of shipping options that can accommodate sea, air, rail, or road shipments, both domestic and international. The majority of LTL shipping between the two cities is done via interstate highway, and the most heavily traveled route is a straight run up or down the well trodden north-south interstates for an 11-hour haul. The frequency of trucking, air and train travel between the two cities makes for reasonable pricing no matter which mode of freight transport one selects for their shipping needs. 

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Chicago, IL, has a long history as one of the nation’s hardest working cities. Originally established because of its prime location as a lake port and water transit hub at the base of Lake Michigan, the city evolved into a great processor and shipper of raw goods and materials harvested in the vast midwestern region of the United States. Though its factories and manufacturing prowess have slowed since it's heyday, Chicago remains one of the countries biggest movers of cargo both domestically and internationally. The city boasts a large trucking fleet ready to move shipments in any direction through the web of interstates and local highways crisscrossing the region. The Port of Chicago remains an important shipping hub for goods moving through the inland rivers of the U.S to the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, and the city’s rail network is still one of the most dense and versatile in the country. 

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Completely destroyed in 1864 during the Civil War and completely rebuilt out of the ashes, it's no surprise that Atlanta’s city symbol is the phoenix. This spirit of determination is evident in Atlanta’s storied history and rapid growth. The railroad has been integral to the city’s infrastructure since its inception, and the region has remained a major rail hub for the southeast United States ever since. Its busy airport, its proximity to a large seaport in Savannah only a short haul away, and the integration of six major interstate highways into its metropolitan area has made modern Atlanta into a robust and versatile shipping center, capable of supporting the massive growth of the city and the influx of numerous international companies and brands.

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