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Although Chicago is quite a bit larger than Boston, both cities share similar shipping capabilities and infrastructures. Both rely heavily on imports and exports to support their respective economies and workforces, and much of their domestic and international trade is concentrated through the ports. But while a significant amount of cargo is shipped to and from the Port of Chicago and Port of Boston, as well as through the rail lines that serve both of these cities, the majority of goods moved between Chicago and Boston arrive and depart on trucks. The main trucking routes are the I-90 and I-80 interstates, both heavily trafficked corridors that provide access between the Midwest and the East Coast. The trucking haul takes around 16 hours of drive time, and though winter weather can slow shipping in both of these regions, the frequency of LTL goods moving between the two cities provides a wealth of options for low cost freight shipping. 

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‚ÄúThe Windy City‚Äù, situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, is one of the largest and most diverse cities in the United States and an international hub of finance, commerce, industry, technology, and transportation. The region has the largest number of federal highways and is widely recognized as the nation‚Äôs railroad hub, boasting the highest number of passenger and freight trains traveling through the city each year. Once a powerful food processor and manufacturer of steel, Chicago‚Äôs economy has shifted and diversified to keep up with the times and is now spread between a variety of other industries, including finance, electronics, logistics, and publishing. Though the economy has changed over the years, Chicago‚Äôs status as a major transportation and shipping hub has remained. A major port, two airports, and a vast connection of rail lines and highways have kept the city on the forefront of cargo moving capabilities, and Chicago continues to be the premier Midwestern connection for the rest of the country. 

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Boston is home to the oldest continually operated port in the Western Hemisphere, and its airport, Logan International, is the 10th busiest in the nation for cargo traffic. Directly connected to these points of entry is a vast network of rail lines and highways that move goods into the rest of the country from the East Coast. The economy of Boston, once known for wool processing, textiles, and leather goods, has modernized to include tourism, technology, service, defense, and educational and medical institutions. Despite this shift in focus, Boston has remained, like its port, a constant force in freight shipping and logistics. A gateway to and from the Atlantic Ocean in the Northeast, the city has constructed a capable network of shipping infrastructure that allows for versatile options and competitive pricing for all types of LTL and multimodal shipping.

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