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Both Chicago and Kansas City benefit greatly from a centralized location and an imposing infrastructure. Moving goods between the two cities is a relatively low cost and efficient process, no matter the mode of conveyance. Most cargo flows between Chicago and Kansas City via the Chicago-Kansas City Expressway, a recently designated route that follows a collection of interstate highways and regional roads to connect the two cities. Because of the frequency of LTL and intermodal freight moving along this corridor and the relatively short distance between destinations, finding a reasonable rate for LTL and other forms of shipping between Chicago and Kansas City is achievable at any time of year.

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Comprised of 234 square miles of land, Chicago is the nation’s third largest city by population behind New York and Los Angeles. Stunning architecture and an impressive skyline make Chicago one of America’s most formidable cities, and it’s storied history as “the city that WORKS” has given it a reputation for industry and innovation. Chicago’s ethos of determination has allowed it to undergo massive economic changes and adaptations over its lifespan, from a processor of raw materials and manufacturing stronghold, to the Midwest center for finance, publishing, and transportation. One constant throughout the city’s history has been its ability to make a significant impact on domestic and world trade markets through freight shipping solutions and logistics. With every form of cargo shipment available continuously departing and arriving in the region, Chicago has long solidified itself as the main transportation hub to and from the interior of the United States.

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Benefitting from its central location and extensive infrastructure, Kansas City enjoys one of the top transportation and logistics networks in the country. The Missouri and Kansas Rivers provide shipping connections via waterways, and Kansas City’s central position amidst a coast-to-coast rail network gives the city unprecedented access to a number of regional markets throughout the Midwest. For motorized freight shipping, the city offers access to four major interstate highways and more freeway lane miles per capita of any city in the nation, and its geographical location gives it a single-day trucking proximity to nearly every major Midwestern market. Backed by extensive warehouse and logistics facilities, Kansas City has made the most of its prime position and sizable infrastructure to become one of the most capable movers of cargo in the United States.

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