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Chicago and Miami are vastly different cities in climate, history, and culture, but they have more in common than one would think. Both cities rely on their large ports, both are rooted firmly in local commerce as well as international trade, and both have thrived off of their strategic locations and strong infrastructures. The 1300-mile trucking routes between Miami and Seattle are largely flat and heavily traveled year round, and though weather can affect efficiency, with annual winter storms in Illinois and occasional tropical storms and hurricanes in Florida, the frequency of trucking between these two regions makes low cost LTL shipping prices easy to find. 

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Located on the southwest corner of Lake Michigan, Chicago has all the versatility of a major shipping and transportation hub. Its port on the lake, with access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico through the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Mississippi River, respectively, moves 19 million tons of cargo per year. O’Hare, the city’s international airport, is one of the world’s busiest for passengers and cargo, and the region’s extensive network of rail lines makes Chicago a formidable hub for railroad freight coming into and out of the area. This infrastructure, coupled with several major interstate highways intersecting through the greater metropolitan area, has made Chicago a shipping powerhouse, with one in five jobs in the city dependent upon the import and export industry.

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Miami is one of the country’s premier vacation destinations, due to its beautiful beaches, warm weather, vibrant culture and colorful history. With the greater Miami area drawing nearly 20 million tourists a year, the city has become a center for entertainment and cultural exchange and the seventh most populous metropolis in the United States. The influx of visitors to Miami has led the city to become home to a number of national and international companies, as well as a large concentration of international banking and finance. The city’s port, known colloquially as PortMiami, provides a hub of international shipping, particularly from Latin and South Americas, and its airport handles more international freight than any other in the nation.

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