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Both Seattle and Atlanta have extensive freight shipping and transportation networks built into the structure of their cities. Though each have their challenges, Seattle being sometimes hampered by winter weather that can slow shipping lanes, and Atlanta experiencing a yearly spike in perishable agricultural shipping in the summer months that can make cargo space limited, the two cities more than make up for these logistical challenges with the diversity of their infrastructure. Seattle’s proximity to primary interstate highways 5, 82, and 90, as well as a number of auxiliary interstate highways, and Atlanta’s access to major interstate highways 75, 85, and 20, give each region a number of options when it comes to trucking cargo in and out. Despite the distance between these two cities in opposite corners of the country, the trucking route connecting them takes only a reasonable 38-hour haul to complete.

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The rainy city of Seattle is known as “the Emerald City” due to the lush evergreen forests that surround the area and thrive under the frequent precipitation. But despite being tucked into the northwest corner of the United States, surrounded by water and rain for much of the year, Seattle has become the largest economy in the region and an important shipping gateway to northern areas such as Canada and Alaska. This is due in part to Seattle’s coastal location and natural waterways, as the Puget Sound and Elliot Bay provide safe shipping lanes and a deep wide harbor for large container ships entering and exiting Seattle’s port facilities. This, coupled with a broad network of rail lines and highways, allows for goods to move through the region with ease, and makes for flexible options and reasonable pricing for any cargo traveling to or from the Seattle area.

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Home to many internationally recognizable brands such as Home Depot, UPS, and Coca-Cola, Atlanta has long been a business friendly city, owing much of its population influx in the last 30 years to its ability to attract businesses and their employees to the region. Part of the city’s business magnetism is its formidable shipping network. Atlanta began as a railroad town, and remains a major hub for many railway companies with lines moving throughout the south and the broader continental United States. This, coupled with one of the nation’s largest networks of highways and interstate connections, gives Atlanta an edge when it comes to shipping and logistics. Connected to international shipping via the port in Savannah as well as one of the busiest airports in the country, Atlanta can accommodate any mode of shipping, and its frequency of cargo allows for competitive pricing on LTL shipments coming into or out of the city.

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