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Seattle and Chicago are the biggest and most robust freight shipping markets in their respective areas, and each have the capacity to move cargo via road, rail, air, or sea. Each has strong financial ties to the international market, particularly Asia, as imports and exports play a large role in the economies of both cities. The most common mode of shipping when moving goods between Seattle and Chicago, as with most state-to-state shipping in the United States, is freight trucking, though a number of rail lines also crisscross from Washington to Illinois. Interstate 90 yields a direct, efficient route for trucks moving between the two cities, and combined with significant rail networks and frequent air transportation, allows for convenient, reliable, and economical shipping options between the two cities.   

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The largest city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle WA is also the region’s most important shipping and transportation center. The Port of Seattle, with its extensive waterfront complex of cargo terminals and storage facilities, handles the vast majority of international container shipments entering Washington. A network of rail lines and trucking lanes connect directly to the port, allowing for a smooth transition as cargo is offloaded onto trucks and trains to make its way down the coast, across the country, or northward to Canada and Alaska. Because of Washington’s status as one of the most trade dependent states in the nation, goods can be easily moved through the region on a well-worn infrastructure of highways and railroads.

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Long known as the largest interior city and gateway to the Midwest, Chicago IL has an immense freight-shipping infrastructure built into the city and surrounding area. The city has traditionally been the most important hub of transportation and shipping for domestic and international cargo heading to the interior of the country, with a network that includes every type of conveyance available. Directly connected to six major railroads, six major interstate highways, a significant port that provides access to routes from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Lawrence Seaway and Mississippi River, as well as O’Hare International, one of the busiest airports in the world, Chicago is well equipped to move cargo into and out of the region in an efficient and cost effective way.

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