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Because of the diversity of shipping infrastructure in the Seattle and Houston areas, both cities offer many shipping options and solutions capable of reaching just about any destination through any mode of transportation necessary. Both rely heavily on trucking for moving domestic goods throughout the country via interstate highways, and both have a strong presence in the international market through their respective ports. Washington is known for being one of the biggest importers among states, while Texas draws the most revenue through its exports.  LTL shipping between Seattle and Houston is achieved mostly by truck, as connected interstates allow for the trip to be completed in a mere 34 hours.

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Washington is a state that relies heavily on imported goods, and Seattle is thecity through which much of its cargo flows. Receiving many of its internationalshipments through extensive port facilities, Seattle’s infrastructure connects its sea-going cargo directly with the numerous rail lines that run right up to the portucking fleets also converge on the port in order to haul shipments over thehighways into the interior of the country and down the west coast to Oregon lifornia. Because of the high volume of goods coming into the state, Seattle is wellequipped to easily handle a variety of shipping needs at a relatively low cost.

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Houston’s location has helped make it one of the busiest shipping centers in the country. Positioned amongst several other large Texas ports in Galveston, Freeport, and Texas City, the Port of Houston is the highest volume container port on the Gulf Coast, owing much of its traffic to international goods arriving or departing via the Panama Canal. Houston’s vast network of intersecting rail lines stretch out toward the rest of the continent in all directions, serving the U.S, Canada, and Mexico. The city and region is also home to over one hundred trucking lines that feed into the labyrinthine interstate and state highways that converge on the area. The intersection of interstate highways 10 and 45 in Houston creates busy trucking corridors through which goods can travel frequently and efficiently.

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