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Seattle and Los Angeles represent the largest Northern-most and Southern-most markets on the west coast of the United States. Both have powerful anddiverse economies, and possess a strong infrastructure for just about every mode offreight shipping available. While both regions rely heavily on international tradethrough their respective ports, and both connect to the interior of the countrythrough railroads, interstates, and air transportation, the primary mode of shippingbetween the two cities is trucks. The I-5 interstate is a direct link between Seattleand Los Angeles, spanning the length of the west coast from California tWashington and providing an efficient corridor for trucks moving goods up and down the coast.

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Seattle, Washington has come a long way from its humble economic roots based in logging, fishing and agriculture. Over the years the city has adapted and diversified its economy to become home to a number of innovative companies and industries, including Fortune 500 giants such as Nordstrom’s, Starbucks and Amazon. Part of what has made this growth and innovation possible is Seattle’s location and infrastructure. The city has remained committed to building and maintaining a network that can support the fast paced, high volume logistics solutions necessary for a modern city to compete in an increasingly global marketplace. This network provides the ability to accomplish any mode of freight shipment into and out of Seattle at a low cost and with speed and efficiency.


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The city of Los Angeles, California is first and foremost known as the city of entertainment, but the second largest city in America did not grow to its enormous size and capacity simply because of Hollywood. LosAngeles has one of the most dynamic economies in the world, boasting a large high-tech sector, cutting edge aerospace and advanced transportation industries, and one of the nation‚Äôs largest manufacturing bases and international trade hubs.To support this massive economic powerhouse, LA has relied on its formidable and dynamic infrastructure to provide the means to keep its goods flowing into and out of the city with ease. The Port of Los Angeles, located in San PedroBay, has been the number one container port in the U.S for the last twenty years, and serves as one of the leading gateways for international trade in theWestern Hemisphere.  LAX and Van Nuys airports move 2.3 million tons of cargo through the air each year, and a labyrinthine system of railroads and interstates give LA the capability to move goods in a dynamic and cost-effective way.


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