They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and the city of Houston is no exception. Founded in 1836, Houston began as a small shipping port, predominantly centered on the cotton, lumber, and cattle industries. Then, in 1901, oil was discovered outside of Houston, and the city experienced its first growth spurt, ballooning in size to a population of 140,000 by 1920. The expansion of the railroads and the completion of the Houston Shipping Channel in 1914 helped transform the city’s 19th century economy into an energy and trade powerhouse. As cars became more prevalent and the need for oil energy became woven into the fabric of the country’s consumption, Houston has grown steadily to become the fourth largest city in the United States. Today, Houston is the country’s leading domestic and international center for every segment of the oil and gas industry, including exploration, production, transmission, marketing, service, supply, off shore drilling, and technology. The man-made Houston Ship Channel is home to one of the world’s most influential energy corridors, and due to its prime location and proximity to the Panama Canal, the Port of Houston has grown into the sixth largest port in existence and ranks number one in the country for international commerce. As the oil boom has eventually slowed, Houston and its economy have adapted, diversifying into the healthcare, biomedical research, and aerospace industries. The city is home to the Johnson Space Center, NASA’s largest research and development facility, and has attracted many foreign-owned companies to the region, bringing jobs and innovation to bolster its economy. Houston has grown from its humble roots as a small port city to a vast network of international and domestic shipping capabilities, truly embodying the larger than life Texas spirit.

Houston's Average Shipping Rates

Average LTL Rate Per LB
Kansas City
Los Angeles
Las Vegas

Market Capacity

Seattle Market Capacity
Very Tight Capacity

Market Capacity represents the balance between the number of shipments from a given market and the available trucks in that market. Tight Capacity signifies more shipments than available trucks, and indicates a higher chance of late shipments or cancellations. Loose Capacity signifies that there are more available trucks than current shipments in that market, indicating a greater likelihood of on time shipments and no cancellations.

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Recently Booked Shipments From Houston on Koho

Houston, TX to Burien, WA
Houston, TX to Burien, WA
1 Pallet
Freight Class 125
Houston, TX to Laredo, TX
Houston, TX to Laredo, TX
6 Pallets
Freight Class 70
Houston, TX to Roanoke, TX
Houston, TX to Roanoke, TX
1 Pallet
Freight Class 85

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Houston Terminal Location

Below is the contact information and terminal location of the local freight shipping providers. Rather than being redirected from a generic national support line, the contact information provided includes specific location-based office numbers, so that you are able to get in touch directly with the appropriate local office to answer questions about your shipments.


9051 Railwood Dr
Houston, TX 77078
(713) 673-1925

UPS Freight

2525 Cavalcade St
Houston, TX 7702
(713) 633-0598

AAA Cooper

5735 Little York Road
Houston, TX 77016
(713) 631-7737

ABF Freight

5880 Kelley St
Houston, TX 77026
(713) 633-5500

Forward Air

Humble, TX 77338
(281) 312-5900

YRC Freight

Houston, TX 77013
(713) 675-2511

R+L Carriers

95 Oates Rd
Houston, TX 77013
(713) 676-0101

FedEx Freight

9010 Jackrabbit Rd
Houston, TX 77095
(800) 732-7808

Averitt Express

14070 JFK Blvd
Houston, TX 70032
(800) 283-7488

ACI Motor Freight

1919 Collingsworth
Houston, TX 77009
(713) 928-2228

Old Dominion

2755 Aldine Bender Rd
Houston, TX 77032
(281) 449-0408

Old Dominion

13936 Furman Rd
Houston, TX 77047
(713) 434-8426

FedEx Freight

3400 Pollok Dr
Conroe, TX 77303
(936) 703-1378

Central Freight Lines

5800 MESA RD
Houston, TX 77028
(713) 636-7504

Southeastern Freight Lines

Houston, TX 77022
(713) 695-5728

Estes Express

1919 Collingsworth Street
Houston, TX 77009
(713) 814-1805

Southwestern Motor Transport

9600 Aldine Westfield Rd
Houston, TX 77093
(713) 692-1093

Estes Express

7345 Roundhouse Lane
Houston, TX 77078
(713) 491-3777

RoadRunner Transportation Services

8411 Humble Westfield Rd
Humble, TX 77338
(281) 318-4949

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