At eight million residents, New York is the most densely populated of any U.S city and encompasses the largest municipal and regional economy in the country. The city is a major hub for banking, security, the garment industry, financial services, food processing, commercial distribution, and medical manufacturing, and the upstate area of New York contributes significantly to the farming, logging, livestock and dairy industries. With such a broad and diverse offering of goods and services, its no wonder New York is home to one of the most formidable shipping infrastructures in the nation. While rail and traffic is difficult to operate smoothly through such a densely congested area, New York still relies heavily on its railroad network to move cargo from its ports into the interior of the country, investing $100 million into its new Freight NYC plan to streamline the flow of freight into and out of the city. John F. Kennedy International airport, sixth busiest in the U.S and major gateway for international freight coming into and out of the country, currently supports twenty five cargo airlines that operate out of its facilities. The Port of New York and New Jersey handles over 6.7 million TEU containers arriving and departing its natural harbor annually and is a major economic engine driving trade in the region. The high volume of goods moving in and out of New York ensures less expensive pricing, and its complex and extensive network of shipping capabilities enables any cargo to be moved rapidly and at a reasonable price.

New York Average Shipping Rates

Average LTL Rate Per LB
Las Vegas
Kansas City
Los Angeles

Market Capacity

Seattle Market Capacity
Moderate Capacity

Market Capacity represents the balance between the number of shipments from a given market and the available trucks in that market. Tight Capacity signifies more shipments than available trucks, and indicates a higher chance of late shipments or cancellations. Loose Capacity signifies that there are more available trucks than current shipments in that market, indicating a greater likelihood of on time shipments and no cancellations.

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Recently Booked Shipments From New York on Koho

Bohemia, NY to Fort Worth, TX
Bohemia, NY to Fort Worth, TX
Construction Material
1 Pallet
Freight Class 77.5
Hauppauge, NY to Charlotte, NC
Hauppauge, NY to Charlotte, NC
6 Pallets
Freight Class 125
Yonkers, NY to Long Island City, NY
Yonkers, NY to Long Island City, NY
Steel Part
1 Crate
Freight Class 50
Liftgate Delivery

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New York's Shipping Terminals

Below is the contact information and terminal location of the local freight shipping providers. Rather than being redirected from a generic national support line, the contact information provided includes specific location-based office numbers, so that you are able to get in touch directly with the appropriate local office to answer questions about your shipments.


580 Delancey St
Newark NJ, 07105
(973) 344-2705


4660 55th Ave
Maspeth NY, 11378
(210) 866-8223

UPS Freight

100 Olympia Dr
Newark NJ, 07114
(800) 333-7400

R+L Carriers

50 Harrison Ave
Kearny NJ, 07032
(210) 955-0020

ABF Freight

414 Maspeth Ave
Brooklyn NY, 11211
(718) 599-9339

Fedex Freight

580 Delancey St Cartage
Newark NJ, 07105
(800) 777-0253

Fedex Freight

75 Avenue L
Newark NJ, 07105
(877) 743-4442

Forward Air

230-59 Airport Ctr Blvd, Suite 190
Jamaica NY, 11413
(718) 244-0136

YRC Freight

1313 Grand St
Brooklyn NY, 11211
(800) 610-6500

Old Dominion

500 Gardner Ave
Brooklyn NY, 11222
(718) 388-5475

Old Dominion

55 Van Keuren Ave
Jersey City NJ, 07306
(210) 216-0060

Estes Express

418 Duncan Ave
Jersey City NJ, 07306
(210) 721-7030

Fedex Freight

38 Porete Ave
North Arlington NJ, 07031
(800) 777-0253

UPS Freight

184-54 149th Ave
Springfield Gardens NY, 11413
(800) 333-7400

Clear Lane Freight Systems

1 Bell Dr
Ridgefield NJ, 07657
(317) 759-8346

RoadRunner Transportation Services

921 Conklin St
Farmingdale NY, 11735
(210) 869-9200

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