How to access messages

View these videos to learn how to access messages

A detailed tutorial is also available below.

Messages can be accessed in two different ways: In your Dashboard and in your Shipments List.

01. Dashboard

1-A. When you click to 'View' a message, it will lead you to the message thread of that particular shipment.
1-B. Clicking ‘View All Messages’ will direct you to a filtered shipment list of all 'Unread Messages' that hasn’t been viewed or read.

02. Shipments List

Filter ‘Unread Messages’ to view new messages. Shipments with a new message will have a navy and red notification icon. Once you click on the shipment, go to the 'Messages' tab to view your message thread.

2-A. Apply filters to see messages. From here you can select a shipment and view messages from that specific shipment.

2-B. Click on the messages tab to view the messages.