How to access messages

View the detailed tutorial below to learn how to access messages.

Messages can be accessed in two different ways: In your Dashboard and in your Shipments List.

01. Dashboard

1-A. When you click to 'View' a message, it will lead you to the message thread of that particular shipment.
1-B. Clicking ‘View All Messages’ will direct you to your Shipment List, where you can access all unread messages associated with your shipments.

02. Shipments List

Filter ‘Unread Messages’ to view new messages. Shipments with a new message will have a navy and red notification icon. Once you click on the shipment, go to the 'Messages' tab to view your message thread.

2-A. Apply filters to see messages. From here you can select a shipment and view messages from that specific shipment.

2-B. Click on the messages icon next to a specific shipment in the list to directly view the messages.

2-C: Click on the messages tab to view the messages.

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