Book your LTL freight shipment with Koho

Booking LTL freight with Koho takes 3 minutes or less. Learn how below.

01. Shipment info

Fill out your Origin, Destination, and the Commodity item(s). Remember to select all the necessary pickup or delivery options.

Shipping the same things over and over? Save time searching for rates by using Recent Searches to pre-fill your form.

1-B: Do your shipments leave from or deliver to repeat addresses? Search your address book to use pre-saved origin and destination contact information.

1-C: Shipping different locations, but the same commodity each time? Save the commodity to your Product Book and set it as default.

1-D. Don't know your LTL freight class? We'll use the dimensions you provided and help estimate your freight class for you. Learn more about Freight Class here.

02. Select a rate

2-A. Compare LTL carrier rates and services. Select the best one that suits your needs.

2-B. Add LTL carrier insurance to your shipment! Our low-cost insurance protects your shipment from all outcomes, and is backed by Expeditors for added assurance. Once added, the insurance cost will be reflected in the rates.

2-C. Any promo codes will be reflected in the rates, as well.

03. Add address details

Fill out Origin and Destination address details.

If you often ship to or from the same locations, save the address details as your 'default' address in your Address Book to save time during future bookings.

3-B. Add a PO Number or any shipping reference numbers to this freight shipment.

04. Confirm details & book

Lastly, confirm all of your information is correct and secure your booking! To secure your booking, you can use an existing payment method from your account or you can head to your Payment Methods to add a new form of payment. You can find more information on how to add a payment method here.

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