Dispute adbills

Follow the detailed step-by-step tutorial below to learn how to dispute an adbill.

LTL carrier rebills can be difficult to reverse, and the process can be as frustrating as the charges themselves. However, disputing your freight bill is simple, quick, and can be done right from your account.

How to dispute an adbill

1. Koho will notify you via direct message and via email if a carrier charges you an additional fee. If you would like to dispute these charges, click the 'Dispute' button and upload any documentation to support your dispute.

2. Note: You must dispute a charge within two business days (48 hours) upon receipt, as disputes are much more likely to be successful if submitted immediately.

3. Once submitted, the Koho team will use all the documentation and evidence you provide to raise your dispute with the carrier and will notify you regarding the outcome of the dispute. You will not be charged until the dispute status is finalized.

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