How to manage invoices

Via the 'Invoices' tab in the top navigation bar of the Koho app, you can access all of your invoices, both past and present. Below, we will walk you through how to easily manage your invoice list, and make sure you never miss a bill.

01. Invoices List

Once you navigate to your invoices list, you can filter your invoices by a range of statuses and dates. Additionally, you can export your data for your own records.

1-A. Filter by status: Draft, Credit Account, Outstanding, Paid, Partially Paid, Past Due, Dispute, Void, Active Adbills. Here's a breakdown:

  • Outstanding: When an invoice is first issued, it will be labeled as an 'outstanding' invoice. This means that the balance due has yet to be paid, but it has not reached its due date.
  • Partially Paid: A partially paid invoice has not reached its full balance. The remaining amount due will be reflected in the invoice details.
  • Past Due: An invoice that has not been fully paid and has passed its due date will be considered 'past due'. Any past due invoices on your account will prohibit you from booking any new shipments until the payment is fulfilled.
  • Dispute: While Koho is actively disputing a charge on your behalf with a carrier, your invoice will be labeled as being in 'dispute.' Any invoices in the dispute category will not be considered past due.
  • Void: A voided invoice has been discarded and is no longer outstanding.
  • Active Adbills: If an invoice has an additional charge listed, the invoice will be an 'active adbill'. Adbills most commonly result from incorrect shipment information causing the carrier to reevaluate the price of the shipment. Learn more about how to dispute an adbill here.

1-B. Filter by Shipment Date: Date Issued, or Due Date.

1-C. Filter by Date Range.

1-D. Export your data as a CSV file.

02. Viewing an invoice

Each invoice summary includes your outstanding balance information, shipment details, any payment history, as well as a summary of the charges.

2-A: You can pay your invoices directly through the app using a credit card, ACH, or a Koho credit account. Learn more about how to pay your invoices in the next step.

03. Paying an invoice

When it comes to paying your bills through our platform, we recommend that you set up automatic payment method within your account. Not only does this keep the process quick and easy, but most credit levels require a consistent payment method for Koho to book your shipment. Note: Even when automatic payments are enabled, you will still have the ability to pay invoices before their due date if necessary.

The process is simple: Select 'Pay Invoice' to complete the payment form and choose from one of your existing payment methods. Learn more about how to add a Payment Method to your account here.

Once you have successfully paid your invoice, your 'paid' invoice status will be reflected in your invoice list. That's it!

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