How to manage profile settings

Below is a detailed step-by-step tutorial to learn how to manage your profile settings.

01. My Profile

This is the main section of the profile settings. Here you can update your name, job title, email, and phone number.

02. Company

In this section you can update your company's basic information and business details.

03. Team

In this section you can view your active and inactive team members, invite new ones, and choose a billing contact.

04. Address Book

Via your address book you can access all of your contacts and frequent pickup/delivery locations, and add new ones. Pro tip: use your address book when booking a shipment for easy, auto-filled information of your most-used locations.

05. Product Book

Your product book is where you can house all of your commodity information for easy access when booking a shipment.

06. Payment Methods

On this screen you can manage your payment methods, choose a default payment method, and apply for a Koho credit account.

07. Password

On this screen you can update your password.

08. Settings

On this screen you can configure your email and message settings, edit your company's billing contact, change your dashboard settings, and adjust your time format.

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