How to manage shipments

View the detailed tutorial below to learn how to manage your shipments through our platform.

01. Shipments dashboard

This is the shipments dashboard. To filter shipments, navigate to the drop-down filter and select the shipment status you'd like to manage.

02. In Processing & Booked Shipments

For shipments that are 'In Processing' or 'Booked', you may request cancellation.

2-A. Clicking on 'Request Cancellation' will open a modal to ask you to provide a reason for your request and submit.

2-B. Once submitted, your cancellation will be reviewed by our operations team. Once the cancellation has been approved or denied, it will display at the top of your shipment.

03. In Transit & Delivered Shipments

For shipments that are 'In Transit' or 'Delivered', you will be able to find tracking event details, view terminal contacts, and file a claim.

Tracking events can be accessed by clicking on the Tracking Tab.

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