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Introducing our brand-new Message Center! Your new 'Inbox' will allow you to search for existing shipment conversations and start new ones, all from one place. Now, in addition to an individual shipment's 'Messages' tab, all of the threads associated with your shipments will be located here. Follow our step-by-step guide below to learn how to navigate the Message Center.

01. How to access the Message Center

1-A: Similar to your current messaging experience, you can access new messages from your dashboard. When you receive a notification that you have a new message, click the 'Go to Message Center' link to navigate to your inbox.
1-B: From anywhere in the app, you can access the message center through the 'Messages' button in the top navigation bar. Note: The red dot that may appear next to the button is an indication that you have unread messages to view.

02. How to search your messages

Whether you’re looking for a specific conversation or an individual message within a conversation, here are the ways our search feature can help you find what you’re looking for:

2-A: Search by shipment details: Koho ID, Primary PRO number, Primary BOL number, Primary pickup number, or Reference number.

2-B: Search by keywords: Enter a specific word or phrase within an existing conversation to see all of the threads containing that keyword.

03. How to filter your messages

3-A: Your inbox is organized in chronological order, so you may find that some of your unread messages are hidden farther down in your list of conversations. In order to view all of your unread messages at once, use the 'Filter' button and select 'Unread' to organize your inbox.

3-B: If you would like to dismiss all of the unread messages in your inbox, do so by using the 'Mark All As Read' button. Note: 'Dismissing' messages simply marks them as 'read'. These messages will not be deleted or moved to another folder, and you can still access them at any time.

04. How to create a new message

In order to initiate a new conversation regarding a shipment, select the 'Create New Message' button to search your shipment list and select a shipment. Once you have selected the correct shipment, you will be able to begin typing your message.

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