How to navigate the dashboard

View the videos to learn how to navigate the Koho dashboard for new and active users.

A detailed tutorial is also available below.

Your Dashboard has three main sections: Notifications, Active Shipments, and Recent Searches.

01. Dashboard Notifications

Pertinent notifications on your account and shipments will appear the top of your Dashboard. Each notification will bring you to the necessary step to complete the outstanding task or view more details.

1-A. We'll notify you if there are actions to take on your account such as adding a payment method to your account, if you're over your liability limit on our credit account, or if you have any past due invoices.

1-B. We'll also notify you of any recent messaged pertained to your shipments. When you click to 'View' a message, it will lead you to the message thread of that particular shipment. Clicking ‘View All Messages’ will direct you to a filtered shipment list of all 'Unread Messages' that hasn’t been viewed or read.

02. Active Shipments

Under active shipments, you will find four main statuses: Dispatched for Pickup, In Transit, Delivered Recently, and Exceptions. Clicking on each status will direct you to a filtered shipment list of that status. For example clicking on ‘Delivered Recently’ will allow you to view shipments filtered by Delivered.

03. Recent Searches

When you run a rate search, your three most recent searches will appear in the Dashboard to easily run another rate search using the same parameters without entering it in again. There are two ways you can manage your recent searches.

3-A. You can click on the 'Manage Your Search History' link. There, you can manage your recent searches and star your most common search to always have it appear in the Dashboard.

3-B. You can access your search history by navigating to the drop down menu and selecting 'Search History'.