How to setup your payment method

You can save payment methods to be able to quickly pay shipment invoices.

View the detailed tutorial below to learn how.


1. Head to your profile settings and select "Payment Method" from the navigation menu.

2. In the Payment Method section, click “Add Payment Method” to add a "Credit Card" or "ACH" payment.

3. Enter in the required information and click "Save."

Setup a default auto-payment method

When you add a payment method for the first time, that method will save as the default. When you add more than one payment method, you are given the option choose which payment method you want as your default auto-payment method. You can click the "Use for autopay” button which will change that payment method to the default option.

Delete a saved payment method

To delete a payment method, click the trashcan icon to remove it from your account. Keep in mind that in order to delete your current default payment method, you must first select a new default to replace it.

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