Anything can happen. Be a hero when it does.

Insuring your cargo is the best way to protect the full commercial value of your shipment. And if anything goes wrong, it can vastly simplify the claims process too.

Peace of Mind

Be sure… insure.

“All-risk” cargo insurance provides you with coverage you can rely on, beyond loss or damage caused by the carrier.


What's included?

When deciding whether or not to insure your shipment,
you are choosing between coverage for:

INS_YESAll-risk insurance
Covers visible loss or damage
and most concealed damage
Hijacking / Terrorism
Natural disasters / Acts of God
Commercial value of goods
INS_NOCarrier liability
Limited to visible loss or damage
Requires shipper to prove carrier was negligent
Capped by carrier's terms of carriage

No unwelcome surprises.

What’s weight got to do with it? Our shipment was worth much more than that!

When cargo is lost or damaged in transit, carriers do not compensate shippers based on the value of their goods. Even if proven liable, the carrier compensates the shipper based on the weight of the goods. These payments are capped by the limits of liability published in the carrier’s contract of carriage.

"All-risk" cargo insurance is the only way to ensure that you will be fully compensated for any loss or damage. Approved claims against an "all-risk" insurance policy will pay:

                            Invoice value + freight charges + taxes / duties incurred + an additional 10%

Speed & Simplicity

If something bad happens recover quickly. Insurance claims are typically settled within 30 days.

Koho’s "all-risk" insurance makes claims easier and reimbursement faster. You get door-to-door coverage regardless of carrier, a standard claims process, and reimbursement within 30 days on average.


Koho partners with Expeditors Cargo Insurance Brokers (ECIB) and its A+ rated insurers. This means you can be sure you will have the support and coverage you need when you need them most.


Got a question about all-risk insurance?

Check out our Insurance FAQ page, and if you still have unanswered questions, Koho’s shipping advisors are always on hand to help.
Please call (888) 990-KOHO (5646) or email