Invoice Topics

Invoice Statuses

There are 6 invoice statuses: outstanding, paid, partially paid, past due, dispute and void.


When an invoice is first issued, it will be in the outstanding invoice. Meaning that the invoice balance is currently not paid but it has not reached it’s due date.


This is an invoice that has been fully paid.

Partially Paid

This means that the invoice has not been fully paid - that only a partial amount of the full payment has been made. The balance amount will reflect the remaining balance. 

Past Due

This means that the invoice full amount has not been paid and that it is past its due date. If you have any invoices in past due status, then Koho will not be able to book any more shipments until they have been paid. 


This is the status an invoice is in when there is an active dispute with the carrier that Koho is conducting on your behalf.

While in the dispute status an invoice will not be considered past due.

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