Invoice Topics

Booking a Shipment

When you book a new shipment in Koho, you will see a shipment confirmation screen. On this page, we will alert you to any payment issues with your other invoices. If everything is set up correctly then the page will remind you which payment method is set for autopay and when it will be used to pay for the shipments invoice.

Autopay is Needed

If your payment terms are autopay on booking or autopay on delivery then Koho needs you to have autopay turned on before we can book this shipment or any future shipments.

If your payment method used for autopay has expired, then we will alert you to that fact here with the ability to add a new payment method. This will need to be resolved before Koho can book your shipment.

Past Due Invoices

If you have past due invoices, you will need to pay those before Koho can process this shipment or any future shipments. You will see on this confirmation screen if you have past due invoices and the ability to from there pay them.

Over Your Credit Limit

If you are over your credit limit, then you will see a section on the shipment success page where you can go to the invoices page. The total liability on your account has exceeded your company's credit limit. The combined total of your outstanding balance and upcoming charges must be below [credit limit] before we can process any further shipments.

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