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Viewing an Invoice

You can view your shipment invoice when looking at your shipment details. You also can view all your invoices in one place on the invoice page.

Viewing a shipment invoice

You can view your shipment invoice when looking at your shipment details. You can find your shipment invoice in the “Charges” tab. At the top you will see all your shipment charges that will be part of the invoice. You will also see a list of the invoices for this shipment. You will see the issue date, due date, amount, remaining balance as well as the invoice status. Clicking the invoice number will open up the invoice document.

From the invoice document you can do a few actions: download the invoice or pay the invoice

Overview of the invoice document

The invoice document contains all the information about your invoice and needed shipment details. You can from here download the invoice or pay the invoice.

At the top of the invoice you can see when the invoice was issued, it’s due date, total amount of the invoice, the remaining balance amount as well as the invoice amount status. Here you will also find the contact information for the "bill to" and "pay to" person(s) of that invoice.

Next you will see the summary of your shipment charges with the total amount which is the invoice total. 

If an invoice note was added, you will see it displayed under the summary or charges. 

You will also be able to see the payment history for this invoice with the information of when a payment was made, the payment method used, the amount and if the payment was successful. 

On the left side is where you can find information about the shipment including a link to the shipment details as well as any important shipment documentation. This documentation can be downloaded.

You can click the back button to return to the shipment details page or the invoices list page (depending on how you navigated here).

Why does my shipment have a second invoice?

Koho will issue a second shipment invoice if additional charges need to be applied to the shipment. The most common issues stem from incorrect shipment information. One example is from Carriers re-weighing the freight and charging based on the discrepancy or if the customer needs a liftgate but one was not selected when booking the shipment. We will then add the additional charges or add credits and those will be reflected on the second invoice. Viewing and paying the second invoice is the same as it is with the first shipment invoice.

In the shipment “Charges” tab, you can see a list of all the charges that are part of the first and second invoice.

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