Cargo Thefts from Trucks, Warehouses Spike During Q2

November 7, 2023

CargoNet data shows $44M worth of goods stolen in US and Canada during Q2.

Truckload carriers across the United States saw a sharp rise in cargo thefts during the second quarter. According to CargoNet, there were 566 incidents in the US and 16 in Canada during the second quarter, a 57% year-over-year increase compared to 2022.

States saw increases in cargo theft during the quarter, with home and garden products and food and beverage goods as the most targeted loads. Many cargo thefts occurred near warehouses and distribution centers, along with unsecured parking lots, company truck yards, and premises.  

Strategic thefts were also a factor, where tractor-trailers full of cargo were stolen and delivered to an Amazon warehouse fraudulently. This ongoing issue challenges LTL businesses to find methods for securing their cargo while in transit.


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