National Diesel Average Heads Up for the Sixth Consecutive Week

September 27, 2023

The national average price per gallon for diesel gasoline headed up for the sixth consecutive week, according to data issued today by the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA).

  • There was a 22.2 cent increase the week of July 31, representing the single largest weekly gain since a 40.1 cent increase in 2022.
  • Prior to the week of August 21, EIA data observed the last time the weekly average saw gains for even two consecutive weeks, prior to that four-week stretch, were the weeks of January 23 and January 30, for a cumulative 9.8-cent increase.
  • The last six weeks of gains were preceded by two weeks of flat national averages, at $3.806, for the weeks of July 7 and July 14, respectively. For the week of July 3, the national average fell 3.4 cents, to $3.767.

With an 8.6-cent increase, the national average came in at $4.475 per gallon.

  • August 21: 1.1-cent increase to $4.389 per gallon
  • August 14: 13.9-cent increase to $4.378 per gallon
  • August 7: 11.2-cent gain to $4.239 per gallon
  • July 31: 22.2-cent increase
  • July 24: 9.9-cent increase

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