Ripple Effect of Yellow's Collapse Spreads Across LTL Market

September 27, 2023

Major LTL providers reported boosts in volume as Yellow exited the market, but they’re taking on loads differently. “Shippers may want to stick with a unionized carrier, helping to explain volume boosts with ABF Freight and TForce Freight,” Scooter Sayers, LTL veteran, said.

  • As much as 25 to 50% of Yellow’s freight could go to carriers outside the top 10 LTL providers, according to a Wednesday research note by Goldman Sachs.
  • Days before Yellow filed for bankruptcy Aug. 6, DAT Chief of Analytics Ken Adamo told Transport Dive smaller regionals were slammed with activity.
  • LTLs take on different levels of freight, and a surge in shipments with providers such as Saia might not necessarily involve new business.

As LTL carrier Yellow exits the market, their customers spread out to other carriers. Multiple carriers receiving these customers reported they wanted to make sure their existing customers would still get the level of service they’ve been receiving. For shippers looking to lessen price increases with the LTL disruption, analysts suggested that consolidations are undergoing changes in the market.

“Two of the carriers that played a big role in making this happen are no longer around,” LTL veteran Scooter Sayers said. “Yellow’s closing has been disruptive because it shut down some of the capacity for consolidations that was there.”


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