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Shipping within the USA? Want to find the carrier, rate and service that best suit your needs? Whatever the origin and destination, Koho enables you to choose from multiple carriers, services and rates. All in a matter of seconds.

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Save Time & Money

Koho doesn’t only make it much quicker to search for great rates and service. It also makes it easy to book, track and pay for shipments for all carriers in one place.

Booking made simple
  • Keep it simple with one intuitive booking template and shipping process that covers all carriers.
  • Save time by storing addresses and product details for next time.
  • Receive and share shipping details via email within seconds.
Tracking made simple
  • Stay informed and keep colleagues and customers up to date.
  • Know when your shipments are picked up and delivered, and be aware of other key events on the way.
Payment made simple
  • Keep administration to a minimum by following one simple payment process, and avoid the hassle of checking and paying multiple carriers’ invoices.

When it’s right for you

When should you use an LTL service?

A less-than-truckload (LTL) service is the way to move your goods when you do not have enough freight to fill an entire truck. An LTL service allows shippers to share space on a truck travelling in the same direction and share the savings.
Because LTL carriers often have different regional strengths, it’s important to find the carrier that has the best rate and service for your specific shipment.

The amount you pay for an LTL shipment will depend on three main factors, which are:

  • The shipment’s weight
  • The shipment’s freight class
  • Additional services, for example, a pickup with a liftgate

Additional Services

Some special considerations for shipping LTL

If you’re not familiar with LTL, there are some key terms and features you should know when selecting your LTL service. These include:

  • Advance notification: When a carrier is required to notify the recipient ahead of time before making a delivery
  • Appointment: When a carrier is required to make an appointment in order to make a delivery
  • Inside pickup or delivery: When a driver is required to go beyond the front door of your location
  • Liftgate use: Required when your origin or destination does not have a loading dock or a forklift
  • Limited access: When a pickup or delivery takes place at locations such as military bases, schools, hospitals, or government buildings

For these services the carrier will charge “accessorial fees” to cover the extra costs. When requesting a rate or booking an LTL shipment, remember to indicate if any of these additional services are required or if the shipment has any other special handling requirements, for example, “Do not stack.”

Tips for LTL shipping

Here are some things to keep in mind

Shipment size

LTL shipping services are best suited to shipments ranging from 150 pounds to 20,000 pounds in gross weight, and up to 1,000 cubic feet in size.

Rate shopping

Don’t rely on just one carrier. Carriers have regional strengths and offer promotional rates. Get the best rate and service for each and every shipment.


Keep your goods safe and secure, and keep your transportation costs low. Pack your shipments on pallets, in crates, or in stackable cases (if possible).

Piece size

Avoid unexpected charges.
• Ask for a spot quote if any dimension of an individual piece exceeds 96 inches. 
• If a liftgate is required for pickup or delivery, limit individual pieces to 80 inches long by 60 inches wide.

Know your freight class.

Declaring the correct freight class ensures that you as a shipper get the best rate and that you are making an apples-to-apples comparison when choosing the carrier, service, and rate that are right for you and your business.


Every carrier available via Koho has committed to standards of care you can rely on for your LTL shipping needs. Koho also partners with Expeditors Cargo Insurance Brokers (ECIB) and its A+ rated insurers which provide coverage and support you can count on when you need them most.


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