Aluminum: Billets, Ingots, Pigs - 13240

Billets, Ingots, Pigs - 13240

What is Freight Class?

When you ship your products as LTL (less-than-truckload), you need to assign your shipment a freight code. This is a standard code made by the National Motor Freight and Traffic Association which allows carriers to quickly identify qualities of the shipment and assist with transportation logistics.
Ship billets, ingots, pigs accurately by using the information below:
Billets, Ingots, Pigs
Commodity note:
Applies only on materials not further finished than hot rolled, rough hot-pressed, rough hot-extruded or rough hot-hammered and not smooth or surface finished. When billets, blooms, ingots, pigs or slabs constitute other articles for which a specific classification item or class is provided when in an unfinished condition, or where no further work is required before becoming a finished article for which a specific classification item or class is otherwise provided, such specific classification item or class must be used and the class for billets, blooms, ingots, pigs or slabs will not apply, in packages

Subclasses for

Billets, Ingots, Pigs - 13240

Subclasses are divisions of an NMFC number that usually distinguish similar items that have different densities.
In this instance, the commodity, billets, ingots, pigs, is further broken down in the following subclasses:
Subclass Info
Subclass NMFC Code
Freight Class
Subclass Notes
Please note: This is for educational purposes only. Ultimately, the carrier reserves the right to classify the groups.


Where can I find freight class code lookup?

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) annually publishes a list of freight class designations, codes, and subclasses for commonly shipped items ( To access this list, you are required to pay a subscription fee. Learn more about freight classes for free on our freight classes pages.

Are NMFC and Freight Classes the same thing?

Every commodity has both a freight class and a NMFC code. Freight class represents a category of items while NMFC codes relate to specific commodities within each of the 18 freight classes.

Why is the freight class of some commodities fixed?

Some items, such as car transmissions, have a specific class no matter how heavy or big they are. This is called a fixed class. Items can be assigned a fixed class if the value and transportability very rarely change.