Electrical Equipment: Electrical Batteries - 60680

Electrical Batteries - 60680

What is Freight Class?

All LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments require a freight code. This code, created by the National Motor Freight and Traffic Association, allows carriers to quickly identify qualities of the shipment and assist with transportation logistics.
Ship electrical batteries accurately by using the information below:
Electrical Batteries

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Commodity note:
Listed in 49 CFR §172.101, Hazardous Materials Table, does not apply on batteries that are mounted in cabinets or racks, with or without wiring or electrical controls, nor on fuel cells., in boxes, storage batteries, including automobile batteries, may also be shipped in crates or Package 2064 or on lift truck skids or pallets.:

Subclasses for

Electrical Batteries - 60680

Often, NMFC codes have subclasses. These subclasses generally are based on the density of the shipment.
In this instance, the commodity, electrical batteries, is further broken down in the following subclasses:
Subclass Info







Offered for transportation as a Hazard Class 4, 8 or 9

Not offered for transportation as a Hazard Class 4, 8 or 9

Offered for transportation as a Hazard Class 4, 8 or 9

Not offered for transportation as a Hazard Class 4, 8 or 9

Subclass NMFC Code
Freight Class
Subclass Notes
Please note: This is for educational purposes only. Ultimately, the carrier reserves the right to classify the groups.


How can I determine NMFC codes?

An organization named the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) publishes a list of freight class designations, codes, and subclasses for frequently shipped commodities (https://classit.nmfta.org/). You must pay a subscription fee to view it. Find more information about freight classes from the experts at Koho for free on our freight classes pages.

Is an NMFC code required?

Adding NMFC code to a shipment is technically optional, but the NMFC codes can help avoid reclassification and ensure you're using the correct freight class number.

What are NMFC freight subclasses?

NMFC freight subclasses are used to differentiate among commodities of the same type. For example, one NMFC code for chairs/stools is 82790. Subclasses 82790-1 and 82790-11, despite have the same base NMFC code, fall into two different freight classes.