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Firearm Parts - 69300

What is Freight Class?

A freight code is required when shipping products as LTL (less-than-truckload) freight. This code, published by the National Motor Freight and Traffic Association, lets carriers quickly identify qualities of the shipment to help with transportation logistics.
Ship firearm parts accurately by using the information below:
Firearm Parts
Commodity note:
NOI, in boxes. Outer shipping containers may be printed or labeled with shipper's name and address but not printed or labeled with advertising or with uncoded information as to the nature, identity, model or caliber of the articles contained therein. Packing lists affixed to the outside of shipping container must be enclosed in a sealed, opaque envelope or pouch.

Subclasses for

Firearm Parts - 69300

Having multiple subclasses is fairly common for NMFC numbers. These subclasses are primarily based on the density of the shipment.
In this instance, the commodity, firearm parts, is further broken down in the following subclasses:
Subclass Info
Subclass NMFC Code
Freight Class
Subclass Notes
Please note: This is for educational purposes only. Ultimately, the carrier reserves the right to classify the groups.


What is a freight code?

National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) is a freight classification system created by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) and used for interstate, intrastate, and foreign commerce shipping of LTL cargo. NMFC freight codes provide standardized freight classes to determine the ease of transport of many of the huge variety of different commodities being shipped together in LTL shipments every year.

What does class mean when shipping?

The class determines the cost of the shipping. The lower the class, the lower the cost.

Do all commodities have NMFC freight subclasses?

No, not all commodities have freight subclasses, although many do.