Pinsetters - 15885

Pinsetters - 15885

What is Freight Class?

When shipping your products as LTL (less-than-truckload), you need to assign your shipment a freight code. This is a standardized code created by the National Motor Freight and Traffic Association which allows carriers to identify qualities of the shipment and assist with transportation.
Ship pinsetters accurately by using the information below:

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Commodity note:
Automatic, power operated, dismantled, without masking units, used, having value only for reconditioning or for salvage of parts, actual value not exceeding 30 cents per pound, Shipper must certify on shipping orders and bills of lading at time of shipment that the actual value per pound of the property does not exceed 30 cents. If the shipper fails to so certify the actual value per pound, item 15890, naming 'Pinspotters or Pinsetters, automatic, power operated, NOI,' will apply, loose, Shipper to load and consignee to unload when shipped loose, or on skids.

Subclasses for

Pinsetters - 15885

Often, NMFC codes have numerous subclasses. These subclasses are almost always based on how dense the items are.
In this instance, the commodity, pinsetters, is further broken down in the following subclasses:

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freight subclasses

Subclass Info
Subclass NMFC Code
Freight Class
Subclass Notes
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Please note: This is for educational purposes only. Ultimately, the carrier reserves the right to classify the groups.


What is freight hsn code?

HSN stands for Harmonized System of Nomenclature. It is a system for classifying commodities created by the World Customs organization. U.S. LTL shipping, however, uses NMFC classifications instead.

Are NMFC and Freight Classes the same thing?

Every commodity has both a freight class and a NMFC code. Freight class represents a category of items while NMFC codes relate to specific commodities within each of the 18 freight classes.

Can how I pack my shipment affect freight class?

Yes. How your freight is packaged can signifcantly affect the cost of your shipment. Contact Koho for questions about specific commodities and best packaging practices.