Clay: Zircon Ore (Crude Zirconium Silicate) - 48540

Zircon Ore (Crude Zirconium Silicate) - 48540

What is Freight Class?

When you ship your products as LTL (less-than-truckload), you’ll need to assign your shipment a freight code. This is a standard code created by the National Motor Freight and Traffic Association which allows carriers to identify qualities of the shipment and assist with transportation.
Ship zircon ore (crude zirconium silicate) accurately by using the information below:
Zircon Ore (Crude Zirconium Silicate)
Commodity note:
Not further processed than ground, in bags, boxes or drums

Subclasses for

Zircon Ore (Crude Zirconium Silicate) - 48540

For many NMFC codes, there isn’t one single class that is applied. Often, NMFC numbers have multiple subclasses, which are frequently based on density.
In this instance, the commodity, zircon ore (crude zirconium silicate), is further broken down in the following subclasses:
Subclass Info
Subclass NMFC Code
Freight Class
Subclass Notes
Please note: This is for educational purposes only. Ultimately, the carrier reserves the right to classify the groups.


Do all LTL shippers use NMFC freight classes?

Almost all U.S. LTL carriers use NMFC freight classes, although some are attempting to move to a dimensionally-based system.

What does class mean when shipping?

The class determines the cost of the shipping. The lower the class, the lower the cost.

Do all commodities have NMFC freight subclasses?

No, not all commodities have freight subclasses, although many do.