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Koho has LTL shipping professionals ready to help you with any questions or concerns regarding your LTL shipment. Need information about the best way to ship your cargo? Koho's experts are available 8am to 8pm ET Monday through Friday directly through our platform.

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De-clutter your inbox and get help directly through Koho’s platform so you never miss a message regarding your LTL shipment.

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Avoid the runaround of automated answering services and generic email replies. Get in touch directly with Koho's operations team, who knows what's going on with your shipment and is ready and available to help.

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Backed by Expeditors, the largest US-based forwarder and
a leading provider of global logistics solutions

Expeditors is a global logistics company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The Company employs trained professionals in 176 district offices and numerous branch locations located on six continents linked into a seamless worldwide network through an integrated information management system. Services include the consolidation or forwarding of air and ocean freight, customs brokerage, vendor consolidation, cargo insurance, time-definite transportation services, order management, warehousing and distribution, and customized logistics solutions.

"Koho is the first idea to successfully navigate all stages of our innovation framework – from seed through to scale – and represents the culmination of our efforts to create our innovation team and framework.”
– Benjamin Clark, Chief Strategy Officer, Expeditors
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Koho is committed to ensuring each customer’s shipment receives the highest level of service and care for the best possible rate. Koho leverages Expeditors' compliance guidelines, crafted and implemented successfully for over 40 years in the transportation freight forwarding and logistics business, to ensure your supply chain is never at risk.

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Global Network

Koho represents the global shipping and logistics company Expeditors’ efforts to standardize, centralize, and automate the core processes surrounding LTL shipping. We harness the power of Expeditors’ vast global network, built over decades in the industry as a trusted and reliable shipping and logistics enterprise, to connect and move your shipments with the best LTL carriers at the best rates.

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Customer Centric

Expeditors has spent years growing its business through unparalleled customer relations. By shipping through Koho you will reap the benefits of Expeditors' exceptional customer service, embodied in Koho's easy-to-use and efficient self-service digital booking platform.

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Supply Chain

We've learned from Expeditors' core how to bring the benefits from larger supply chains to our small- and medium-sized customers. With Koho, you will receive the personal attention and care of a young start-up company made up of shipping experts eager to fulfill your LTL shipment needs, backed by the security and reliability of a logistics and transportation mainstay with over four decades of experience in the industry.

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