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What’s the latest I can book for same-day pickup?

We recommend you book your freight for same day pickup as early as possible, but the latest a carrier will accept a dispatch for same day pickup is 1pm local time. Sometimes carriers can accommodate pickups on shorter notice but it's less likely the longer you wait, that’s why we recommend 1pm local time.

How do I find my Freight Class?

For help determining your Freight Class, you can use Koho’s built-in Density Calculator to help you understand your classification. If you have questions, the Koho Operations Team can provide guidance on determining your Freight Class.

How can I track a shipment?

Tracking your shipments with Koho is simple: Just enter your Koho ID# or BOL# and click the “Track” button in the shipment tracking page. The details of your shipment, including its current status, pickup and expected (or, for shipments that have already been completed, actual) delivery dates, and tracking history will be displayed under the search bar.

How do I file a claim for lost or damaged freight?

If you experience any damaged or lost freight it's important to file a claim immediately because it can take up to 90 days to resolve a claim. Filing a claim is easy and directly on in our app.

How do I dispute an adbill?

Once Koho receives an invoice from a carrier we will review for accuracy. In the instance of an adbill, you will receive a notification message from our Operations Team who will provide you with instructions on how to dispute the charges. You will need to reply to their message confirming that you would like to dispute said charges and provide the necessary documentation requested by the Operations Team.

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